Dec. 9, 2013

Screenwriters Árpád Szőczi and Bennett Owen are writing the feature film screenplay "Timisoara" based on the prize-winning documentary film by Szőczi. It is the story of Romanian dissident Protestant Minister László Tőkés standing up to dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, sparking Europe's bloodiest Cold War uprising in 1989. Playing a crucial role was Tőkés' brother in Montreal who arranged for two Canadian journalists to do a secret TV interview with his brother. Its broadcast unleashed a chain of events that resulted in Tőkés and his supporters squaring off against the army and the secret police outside his church on December 16, 1989.

The director for the project is acclaimed Hungarian filmmaker Tamás Almási.

Planned completion of the screenplay is January, 2014.

Actual photo of interview
with László Tőkés (r) and
reporter Réjean Roy.
Archival photo of Romanian
security forces about to attack the crowd
at László Tőkés' church

May 2, 2013

EurOnAir Productions Ltd. is proud to announce that it is producing the documentary film "On His Dictator's Service - The True Story of a Securitate Spy".

It tells the true story of a spy for Romania's internal intelligence service - the Securitate - during the regime of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. The agent was sent to the United States with the express purpose of first infiltrating a human rights group - and then eliminating its leader.

Unwilling to carry out the latter part of the assignment the agent-in-question - whose conditions are to be filmed and interviewed in silhouette and who has asked to not have his true identity revealed to protect his family - became a double agent for the FBI.

Hungary's international broadcaster - DUNA TV - is co-producer.

Secret agent "Ferenc"